Heart-soaring moments of joy


It is a cool autumn day in Melbourne.  I began the day downcast, wondering how to go about furthering my mission.  You see, I’d just had a huge success.  I’d published my second book.  Fought against the odds to get the printed book made, the eBook created, managed to figure out the US tax system to get the book up on Amazon.com, to get a print book available for my US custumers via CreateSpace, and on and on and on.  I’d set up a YouTube Channel, a Facebook Page.  I’d even tried Facebook and LinkedIn ads.  I had followers.  And yet, I had begun to see why the big publishers don’t want to deal with new authors — the work to make us visible in this world is enormous.

And I’d bit off this task.  This enormous task.

With two young children, two small kittens who like to sit on my lap and bite my fingers as I type, and a husband across the hall looking for work.  With a garden to look after.  A house to clean.  Laundry and groceries and school pick-ups and how in the world was I ever going to do this…

I took a deep breath.

This is my mission.  To show people what can be done.  With persistence.  With great determination.  By chopping and changing and ducking and weaving and keeping trying when the mountain seems ever so high.

Because if I can do it, so can you.  That’s why I must make Akilina: Out of the Woods a success.  To show others the way.

Join me on this journey.  There will be heartache, tears, frustration, no doubt.  But there will also be heart-soaring moments of joy.

I will lead the way.  I promise.


Let me know your thoughts about what I've written. I'm listening...

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