Where exercise meets joy…


The most vibrant moments in my life have been during movement – whether trail running or weight training; practicing martial arts or cycling along a mountain track; surfing in a cold winter sea or rollerblading in Central Park.  During these moments I have learned what I know about passion, about triumph, and about pain.

I am a psychologist and personal trainer, an instructor and a coach.  I teach the deeper motivation of movement, about what movement itself brings:  the freedom of health; the feeling of using the body as it is meant to be used; the inner strength found on the running track, in the sports arena, in the gym.  It is not about body shape; it is about the lessons we learn about ourselves.

These are lessons about joy and values.  About persistence and triumph.  And sometimes about pain.   These lessons filter into our beliefs about ourselves.  And these beliefs determine the shape of our lives.  Do we back down when faced with a challenge?  Do we stop when pain becomes too great?  Do we take time to savor joy?

I talk to women who yearn.  They yearn for color, for strength, for that intangible sense of soul we get from doing what we love, from overcoming our limits, from breaking down barriers.

I show them the door.  Open it for them.  Teach them of the tremendous machine at their disposal.  Give them a chance to see the wonder of all they already are.

Here’s how it feels when you move because you love to…

A Run to Your Soul (Anywhere, Anytime)

Imagine:  A cool autumn day.  Mid-afternoon.  An outdoor path lined with black pebbly gravel.  The leaves crunch under your feet, and the trees open their avenue of arms just for you.

The sun filters in, dancing on the ground in spots of light and shade.  The air is crisp and your lungs soak it up.  Your legs feel like steel springs as you stride out, and they bounce you high as you move in long lithe strides.  Your chest swells.  You break into a light sweat, and your breathing deepens.

It is not hard.  It is effortless.  It is brilliant.  It is joy in a dance of the body. The sky through the trees is a deep blue.  You can hear insects and taste dampness in the air.

You can do anything.  It does not matter where the finish line is; what matters is where you are right now.  You have run to the place where exercise meets joy.

Let me know your thoughts about what I've written. I'm listening...

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