Press Release Time for Team Inspiration and the SurfCoast Ultramarathon

This afternoon I sent out Team Inspiration’s first Press Release.  I always find the moment before I hit “Send” on press releases terrifying.  Do I want them to call?  What will I say if they do? Have I checked it enough for typos?  Will it grab anyone’s attention?

The fact is, the media almost never call on the first “Send”, so I have to get the guts up to call them instead.  Cue inner whimp.  The one who lets her husband order the pizza because she’s scared to talk to strangers on the phone.  Maybe it’s because I still sound American after seventeen years in Australia, and there is always that pause right after I speak for the first time.

In any case, I’ve sent it.  I channeled my inner hero, and I’ve made the few phone calls, to The Age, to Bayside Weekly, to Melbourne Weekly.  I’ve scored our first radio interview with Gaytana Adorna on Southern FM radio, to whom I could speak all day.  She, at least, is familiar.  I’ve sat with her in the Mentone Studio discussing both my books, first In Pursuit of Joy, and then more recently, Akilina: Out of the Woods.  She has kind eyes and a soft voice.  And I’m no longer (so) scared of the drive to get there.

As to what comes next, who knows?  We’re completing this 100 kilometre race as a relay team to enjoy it of course, but our other goal is to inspire others.  To show that a team of men and women, all older than 35, can tackle all the obstacles that this SurfCoast Century 100 km race can throw at us.  Some are physical obstacles — for me, getting up the ability to run my 21 km leg along the beach and coastal rocks, for the others 28 km, 28 km, and 23 km, respectively, of much rougher trail, some at night.  The greatest challenge by far though is managing training while juggling work, and family and life.  The logistics of getting us all there, getting the gear, doing this amazing thing.  We want to prove it can be done, even if you’ve got kids, even if you are over 35 (in my case, even if you are 46!).

Because the reality is, life is full of obstacles.  We can choose to let them stall us, to stay put in the stagnant water where it is safe.  But wouldn’t that be dull?  Instead, let’s kick down the obstacles, say, yes we can, and get out there and do it.

That is what Team Inspiration is all about.

I’ve copied our press release below.  Please, share it around for us.  Help us to inspire a few people who may not yet believe in themselves.

For Immediate Release                         

7 September 2012

Contact:  Patricia A Bowmer Mobile:    0418 108 037


Team Inspiration takes on the SurfCoast Century Ultramarathon in Anglesea, Australia

One hundred kilometres is a long, long way to run.  But on 22 September, Team Inspiration, working as a relay, will go that distance.  Their main aim: to inspire others to take up similar challenges.

Team Inspiration, comprised of Scott Knabel, Patricia A Bowmer, Ben Clark, and Daniel Johnston, is set to storm the beaches, climb the mountains, and run on into the dark of night in relay legs ranging from 21 to 28 km, on terrain that varies from beach/coastal rocks, to single-track trails, to bitumen.  All are parents of young children; none has ever run this far.

Scott, 43, husband and father, a pack per day ex-smoker, has battled weight gain and self-doubt.  With great personal courage, the support of his family and the trail running community, he completed his first 10 km trail race in June.  His ultra-quest is to complete a 100km ultra-marathon solo.

Patricia, 46, wife and mother of two, BodyPump instructor, psychologist/coach, and an author of two books (Akilina: Out of the Woods; and In Pursuit of Joy: Life Lessons from Exhilaration), has completed more than thirty adventure and trail races, but has never run this far.  Her recent move to a minimalist/barefoot running style allowed her to avoid surgery for running-related injuries, and to increase her regular runs from 8 to 20 pain-free km.  Her mission is to inspire others to live life to the fullest.

Daniel (37) and Ben (35), complete Team Inspiration.  Both were both cross-country runners in primary school, but have only recently returned to the trail.  In Daniel’s words, “I love the additional challenge of rough terrain, and seeing some of the amazing sites while running the trails.”

When Patricia posted a message on Facebook two weeks ago, asking for relay partners for the Surfcoast Ultramarathon, Team Inspiration was born.  None of its members has run this far for this long.  All are testing personal limits, taking on more than they are sure they can achieve.  They will face fear, pain, self-doubt.  But they will rise above them.  They will inspire others to follow in their footsteps, to achieve their own goals.  Follow their training and progress on Facebook, blogs, and twitter. Team Inspiration is available for interviews and feature pieces.

For further information or interviews:

Contact:     Patricia A Bowmer    Mobile:       0418 108 037




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