Counting down the minutes to Surfcoast Ultramarathon


Wow.  What an emotional day/week it has been.  The Surfcoast Ultramarathon is 36 hours away – the clock is really ticking!  I’ve been all over the place – excited, scared, thrilled, terrified, and every single emotion in between.  Oh, and worried I’ve not done the tapering thing right.  Wish I’d googled how to taper.

It is also the last week of school before school holidays, and my lovely children are exhausted, highly strung, and playing the part of Super Brat as a result.  I truly understand – they are young, and it has been a long term.  But the combination of emotional mom plus emotional kids, plus long, long race – wow.

Today, it got worse before it got better.  I had planned to cook Bolognese sauce to last the next two nights, doing the carbo-load thing, instead of the unplanned pizza or sandwich.  I’d even carried home all the ingredients by bike last night after teaching BodyPump – let me tell you, 1 kg of beef feels pretty heavy after a long week of training!

Today, late in the afternoon, I opened the pantry and found we had no tomatoes.  This from a family that always  has diced tomatoes – two cans minimum in the same drawer, in the same spot, every time.  Not today.  And anyway, I needed four – I forgot I was doubling the recipe.  So it was back to the grocery store with my overtired son – he was not pleased, to say the least.  “You are a mean mom, you are a bad mom,” he chanted as we walked to the store.  He is a lovely, kind boy, but it had all become too much.  We got the groceries, and I rode those four cans of diced tomatoes home, and they were heavy too.

But now, the Bolognese is done, cooling in the fridge.  The kids are in bed.  All my clothes are washed and drying to be ready for packing tomorrow.  The wonderful 2XU tights, my extra singlet for the extra race on Sunday.  The rest of the gear is neatly stacked in my office.  My shoulders and neck feel the tiniest bit tight, and will require a good stretch shortly.

At least I don’t feel alone heading into this race.  I’ve got Team Inspiration on my side, our four-person relay team that we’ve pulled together.  We’ve been Facebooking each other all day, jokes about chocolate at the finish, offers to print out maps, plans for what race we will do next.  Just thinking of these new friendships makes me smile.

So.  Tomorrow I set off on a great adventure.  The longest run I’ve done in a race – a half-marathon length along the beach, from Anglesea to Torquay, along the coast of Australia.  Me.  A New Yorker.  A scaredy-cat (woops, an ex-scaredy-cat).  At 46, I never dreamed I’d be doing these things.  I thought I was done last year when some doctor threatened surgery for a labral tear in my hip.  Through minimalist running, I’ve become reborn as a runner.

What happens on Saturday happens.  I can no more control that than I can control the weather.  I have done my best to plan and prepare for this event.  What will be, will be.

And, like the song I played for my BodyPump class this morning says, “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.”  Think I’m going to go find that video now.

See you out there!

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