How it turned out…castle cakes, half-marathons and new shoes.

The cake I made for my daughter’s 7th birthday

So last week I told you I was going to try my best to make a Princess Castle Cake for my daughter’s birthday.  Here it is!

The look of delight in her eyes – I wish I had the words to describe it – and the moment she leapt up into my arms and hugged me tight – I smile just remembering it.

It took something like six hours from start to finish.  I baked four cakes, and used three of them.  I followed YouTube instructions ( see this video for details , and some clever ideas from friends.  Those same friends let me borrow obscure ingredients (anyone ever heard of “sanding sugar”?), and were there to cheer me on each step of the way.

Funny thing – I asked my children if they knew the most important ingredient in the cake – and they both shouted out, at the same moment, “love”.

And here’s another photo of love – my love of running.  This was taken during the Marysville Half-Marathon, on a very steep hill (I can’t tell whether this was the up or the downside of that hill).  Either way I was loving every moment of it.

Happily running in the Marysville Half-Marathon. Thanks for the photo!

I am training up for the next great challenge – in two weeks, Team Inspiration will be fielding a four-person team in the Anaconda Adventure Race in Lorne, Australia.  My leg is the 15km trail run – my teammates will complete an ocean swim, a kayak, and a mountain bike, and we’ll all meet up for a short 1.2km run down the beach to the finish.

I competed last year in the race in my pre-Garmin days.  That was when I thought I was a) faster than I actually am, and b) running further than I thought I was.  So last year, instead of training the 15km I thought I was, I was training at 12km.  That made for a hard finish.  I’m hoping this year, with my GPS-mapped runs lasting for up to 24km that the finish won’t feel as brutal.  I’m really training for a 28km, 43km and 50km series of races coming up in 2013.  The Anaconda is purely for pleasure this year.

So…lots of love going on in my life at the moment.  Love of my young children and husband, love of the running I am so lucky to be able to do.  And super-duper-extra-super love for my new Inov-8 TrailRoc 235 running shoes (see this video to see what I mean, which should be called Lightning Bolts or Superhero Shoes for how fast they make me feel.  They are zero-drop, minimalist shoes, and they really are the bright hornet green you see below.  I think the color makes me faster.


So this blog is to celebrate all the joy, love, and Superhero-speed that is filling my life right now.

Let me know your thoughts about what I've written. I'm listening...

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