Been a long time gone: now back to adventure in 2013

Hello my friends, and apologies for my long absence from your lives.

It has been a tumultuous start to the New Year but I am sure it will improve quickly from here.  Here’s what’s been happening – on the 31st of December a dear relative flew in from the UK to visit.  She was ill on arrival but we didn’t know quite how ill.  The next morning, New Years Day, we raced her to the emergency room at our local hospital with symptoms of heart failure and pneumonia.  Thankfully, she has recovered and has come home now, but it was a terribly stressful time for all of us, with worry and illness.  My gratitude to the health workers who saw what was wrong quickly, and made us take immediate action to save her life – well, my gratitude is boundless.  We brought her home on Friday last week, and it has been a long week of recuperation.

Needless to say, with two young children, recuperating at home during school holidays has had its challenges.  The trampoline has got good use but the nerves here are rather frayed.

Which brings me to why I’m writing (quickly) tonight.  I’ve been training and training and training for the Two Bays 28km race, which takes place tomorrow. We begin at scenic Dromana (Arthur’s Seat) and cross all the way over the Mornington Pennisula to the Cape Schanck Lighthouse. Check it out on google maps – it is called the Two Bays Trail.  I have run 28km in training, and have been clocking 50km weeks over the last month.  It’s been hard with some severe hot weather here which saw me diving into the bay half-way through several of my training runs, fully clothed.  Tomorrow is looking cool (20 degrees C maximum) with showers, so I’m not so worried about heat.  The Camelbak is full and packed and in the car.  The gear is lined up to slip into when the alarm clock goes off at 4:20 am.

But my head – well, my head is so full of the illness that has visited us, the cranky and wound-up kids I’ve been struggling with, the cranky and wound-up me – I feel like this race has kind of jumped up out of nowhere.

Tomorrow morning, I will be looking forward to at least 3 hours of trail running nirvana to steady my overstrung nerves, to remind me of how good health feels, and to remind me of what I live for.

Please excuse my long absence from you.  I hope the holidays have treated you well and that your 2013 has started wonderfully.  It feels so very good to dive deep into blogging and remember who I am underneath all of what has been going on in my 2013 so far.

I am a runner, a writer, an inspirer.  I can’t wait for tomorrow to come, so I can remember even more vividly.

Happy New Year and here’s to the 2013 to come….

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