What Does The Future Hold?

I had a look back over the years of my life last week, after posting about Chinese New Year and how things seemed to happen around then for me.  What I discovered has really made me stop and think.  Here’s the pattern:

1989 – Year of the Snake.  I applied to graduate school, freeing myself from a job that I hated, and opening the door to who I would become.

1990 – Year of the Horse.  I began to graduate school.

2001 – Year of the Snake.  Out of the blue, I suggested we move to Hong Kong, though I was happy living in Australia.

2002 – Year of the Horse.  We moved to Hong Kong, where we would live for six years, and adopt our two wonderful children.

2013 – Year of the Snake ????

I have this sense that I going to be deciding some major change this year, and that it will sweep away all the cobwebs that have gathered over the last five years.  I can’t predict yet what it will be.  But that sense of change is bubbling away in me, is there with me as I run my favorite trails, is there in the songs I’m playing on my iPod about becoming who I am.

Funny thing – the other times that major change happened, I didn’t expect them.  I just made them happen.  Now, I just have to try to blur my focus a little bit and let what will be happen.

I know all this sounds a bit like crazy mumbo jumbo rambling, but it is what it is.

Watch this space…


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