TNF100… My first 100km ‘run’

Here’s a wonderful blog on The North Face 100 by a very courageous runner. Seems only 700 of 1000 were able to finish this monster of a race this year. He was one of them. Read on and be inspired…

Dave Eastham's Blog

A week has passed since I finished my first 100km ‘run’. I say run, because I have done one 100km event before. Oxfam. Back in 2012 when I first started running me and a few mates decided to do Oxfam, but lack of experience reared its ugly head and we finished in 20 hours 15 minutes. That’s just slower than the average walking speed and was the toughest thing I had done to date.

I had unfinished business with the 100km distance, but I needed to reassess.

So I started with the basics. Short trail runs (The Salomon Trail series) and the odd long run. It was on one of these long runs early in 2012 that I met my now coach and mentor Richard Bowles. Rich was off to run the BNT, from Healesville to Cooktown. And there I was trying to hold on for dear life to day…

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