Akilina: Out of the Woods

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Available as a paperback or eBook.

Submerged in a car, near death.
Alone, at a crossroads-without-a-crossroads.
Two paths.
One destiny.

Halley has led a life marred by indecision and poor choices. Abused by lovers and herself, when she marries Sean, a good man, she can’t bear his love. The day she plans to leave him, her car is forced from a suspension bridge, plunging deep into a fast-flowing river. But Halley is given one more chance, when ten-year-old Eden opens the door between Halley’s past, present and future. She embarks on a wild and dangerous adventure, through dark woods, vast tundras, and to the top of the highest peaks, encountering her long-ago selves, and battling a mysterious but strangely familiar nemesis. Frightened, lost, but determined to succeed, she is in search of herself, her baby, and a life worth living.

A book about struggle. About transformation. About claiming one’s own light. Akilina is a deeply moving masterpiece.

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