28km and 43km races: oh my

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Dandenong Ranges 21 (Photo credit: Abeeeer)

Well, I’ve gone and done it.  Even after downloading the rather terrifying Two Bays Trail Race training plan for the 28 km race, studying it carefully, pulling out my calculator and scratching my head.  Though the training numbers don’t quite line up with what I am doing, judging by the times of women runners last year, I’ll complete the 28km option in a time I’m sure I can handle.  Because I’ve been on the go for five hours in adventure races, gone hard-core flat-out in trail races for 2 1/2 hours at a time (and those involved climbing up waterfalls!).

But the scarier one, that one I can’t even contemplate yet, is the 43km Roller Coaster Run in March in the Dandenongs.

Dandenong Ranges 21

That one, I’m not going to think about.  I’m just going to gradually, subtly, sneakily, keep trying to trick my body into thinking these insane distances really are not so far.

There is so much to learn between now and then that my head is spinning.  But by God it is wonderful to have a big, far, gnarly goal to gnaw away at again.  It makes the everyday, mundane stuff of life bearable (oh, there’s another school lunch box to wash, that’s ok…).

Strangely, two years ago, I was awaiting a specialist to discuss hip surgery for a torn labrum in my hip.  Because the doctor’s appointment took six months to arrange, I bought some Teva Five Fingers and tried to fix the problem myself.  It worked!  It was like discovering gold.  Because I could run further without hurting, I ran further.  And further.  Until suddenly I had completed two half-marathons.  Until the boundaries of what I am capable of had expanded.  Until I no longer recognised myself in the mirror.

So.  The gauntlet is thrown down again.  I suppose I should be grateful that the North Face 100 is not accepting people into its 50km race option yet.  Because that’s the one my heart is set on.  First, I’ve got to convince my body that we can do this.

January 13th, 2013.  The Two Bays Trail Run from Dromana to Cape Schanck.  28km.  Oh my…

How many kilometers per week do you think I’ve got to run to be able to do this?