Rainbows, Gallahs and the Full Moon

Oh, I was grumpy.  It was cold, I’d had to rush dinnertime to get the kids out to the middle of a soccer pitch for practice.  My youngest was naughty in the car, deciding that saying “Mom is an idiot” over and over again was a really fun game.  Did I mention it was cold?  The wind was off the bay, an icy wind that would only get colder as the sun set, and practice continued.  And it was drizzling.  A recipe for the grumps, if ever there was one.  I felt my face clenching into a frown.

Then one of the soccer boys said, “Look!  There’s a rainbow!”

I glanced where he pointed.  He was right — it was a gigantic rainbow, the full arch visible, from end to end.  As I watched, the end seemed to move closer to our field, and the trees it touched looked subtly rainbow-colored.  I tried to smile.  Thought about getting out my iPhone to take a photo, but the arch was too long for an ordinary camera, and I didn’t want to miss the actual moment, fumbling to capture it.

Still, I was grumpy, shivering.  The practice began.

Dogs were running on the field that was our practice pitch; we’d used cones to mark out our territory, but the dogs didn’t see it that way, and raced across, barking, dashing, chasing balls.  I’d noticed a flock of birds in the large gum trees when we’d first arrived, but didn’t give them more thought.  I knew they were gallahs, Australian birds, in hues of pink and grey, glorious to watch when my mood was right.  But my mood was far from right.  Suddenly a large brown dog decided it would be fun to bark at those gallahs.  Woof, woof, he called as he raced through our practice.

As I watched, the birds took flight, the sky suddenly full of pink and grey, lovely against the low clouds.  The same low clouds that were now being colored a rosy red by the setting sun.  I felt an expansion, a lifting in me.

A moment later, the full moon appeared on the horizon, right under where the rainbow had been.  The sky was lit up in reds and violets, the gallahs flew, the moon shone.

I smiled.  Hard to not get it.  Here was God, or whoever is in charge around here, saying “Wake up, silly.  How many signs of loveliness do I have to throw in front of you before you see?”  My eyes filled with tears, even as my heart lifted up to where the gallahs flew.  What a glorious, glorious world.

It was no longer cold, my children were angels, and that soccer practice could go on all night for all I cared right then.  Rainbows, gallahs, and the full moon.  Three miracles in one small evening on a soccer pitch.